DIABETES: The Silent Killer

Diabetes is a sneaky disease that creeps up on you just like all those unwanted pounds.  If you gain weight and don’t exercise enough, it is almost  a given that you will end up with  diabetes. People who have parents or siblings with diabetes also have a greater chance of becoming diabetic.

What is diabetes?

There are several kinds of diabetes, but we are going to discuss what is called Type II or Adult onset diabetes where there is still insulin production by the pancreas but the cells become “Insulin Resistant” and  no longer able to function.  There is a link below if you would like to go read about the pancreas and how it works in the human body.
The function of insulin is to help the digestive system by opening cell doors to help deliver digested carbohydrates (sugar) to the cells so their little energy factories can convert it into energy.
When we become diabetic (by eating more calories than we burn) there reaches a point where there is not enough insulin to open the cells doors to escort the sugar into the cell.
When this happens, sugar begins to remain in the blood stream.  It accumulates on the outside of our cells, attaches to our blood cells where oxygen should be attached and begins to damage the linings of our arteries and blood vessels and change the ability of our nerves to function.
Now we have a vicious cycle going…high sugar equals less energy (you feel tired and sleepy a lot of the time) because our cells can’t produce energy without sugar and oxygen…..
                                          THE LESS YOU EXERCISE,
                                                                                      THE MORE WEIGHT YOU GAIN.


After being diagnosed with adult onset diabetes 30 years ago, I was lucky enough  to leave my GP  (general practitioner ) and get an appointment with an Endocrinologist (physician who specializes in treating Diabetes) because I didn’t want to keep that appointment with the GP’s nurse for my Insulin orientation.

When I went in to see the Endocrinologist, he asked me what I was doing there.  He  listened to me as I explained I had failed a glucose tolerance test and my family doctor wanted to put me on Insulin. When I said I didn’t want to take Insulin, he placed me on a 1200 calorie per day diet.  The agreement was to come back and have my sugar tested after 30 days.  If I had control, no Insulin.

Meals had to be scheduled:
3p.m. Snack,
Dinner before 7 p.m.
Snack shortly before going to bed.
Portions had to be measured or weighed.
All portions called “EXCHANGES”

The Exchange  categories were Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates and Dairy.

After 30 days I got good news, I had lost 11 pounds, my fasting sugar was 80 so I was told to keep doing what I was doing and come back in 30 days.
I will write more on the exact details of my meal planned diet later.  All I will say now is that it was necessary to make up several days menus with foods chosen from the diet card and go shopping.
The greatest treat in the whole diet was the fact that some foods were called FREE which meant that I could eat as much as I wanted with any meal!!!
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  1. Carolyn says:

    Diabetes really is a Silent Killer.
    Current statistics show that most Diabetics die from Heart Attacks and Strokes brought on by the Internal Body Damage done by Diabetes doing its
    Diabolical Unseen Work.

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