Secrets to Sexy Female Abs Five Best Exercises

Women wanting to look attractive and sexy are always looking for the best ab exercises so they can look good in a bikini on the beach or just wearing skimpy summer outfits.

The abs are the center of the body and eyes are drawn naturally to this area. A firm trimmed midsection besides looking very appealing says a lot about the lifestyle and fitness of the person.

You can’t buy a beautiful midsection the same way you buy beautiful clothes. You have to earn it using determination and discipline.

Diet and the food you eat are part of the program to obtain beautiful abs, as the fat has to be stripped away to reveal the toned midsection beneath. Replacing junk food with fresh healthy foods not only helps in the fat burning process but enhances the health of the individual.

Abdominal exercises themselves are also employed to tone and firm up the abs.  Crunches can be done but complete body exercises are necessary to develop core strenght and firm the entire body.

Cardio exercises need to be added in order to speed up the metabolism and burn excess belly fat.

Five of the best Ab  Exercises for Women are:

1) Crunches, still one of the best ab exercises known to both men and women. No need for fancy equipment they can be performed anywhere.

2) Leg raises, performed in a variety of ways (lying, seated, hanging) they are one of the best ab exercises employed by fitness trainers to train professional bodybuilder and athletes.

3) Star jumps, performed vigorously and quickly are not only a good warm up exercise for an ab workout but will provide a good cardio workout accelerating burning belly fat fast

4) Hula Hoops, another excellent ab exercise for women.  Using a weighted hoop for added resistance, they can be performed while watching TV or a DVD.  Doing a 10 -20 minute ab workout while  having you mind occupied makes  exercising time pass quickly.

5) Step ups, again another best ab exercise for women that can be done anywhere including watching the TV.  It tones and firms the hips and mid section, develops the shape of the legs and  are also excellent as a fat burning exercise.

Chris Deltise has over 20 years experience as a trainer in many Gyms throughout Europe and the UK.   Mike Geary another trainer has alternatives to the crunch to help develop “Six Pack Abs”.   Take a look and you decide!

Learn how you can melt away the fat and develop beautiful sexy flat abs in the shortest time possible.

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