Easy Diets That Work: Simple Diets to Lose Stomach Fat For Good

Need easy diets that work, but confused on where start?

You’re not alone – With all the programs out there being promoted today, no wonder most people are confused.

You open up a magazine, turn on the television and there they are – new diets to save you and the rest of the obese population.

One diet is about high protein, another low fat, and the other is ‘carbohydrate is the enemy’!

So which diet should you follow?

The one that works for you on a personal and health level.

An easy diet  that works long term must consist of the following

1. Moderate amounts of lean red meat, three to four times a week
2. Chicken, poultry, fish and other meat alternatives on other days
3. A small intake of ‘healthy’ mono and poly unsaturated fats
4. 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables daily
5. We need good carbohydrates (not the processed kinds) and fiber in our daily diet. Raw vegetables and dried beans are good.

Let’s put it this way, no diet or way of eating is ideal if you cannot sustain it for life. And if the diet plan is restrictive and does not include some of your favorite foods (even in small quantities) – stay away from it.

Most likely you’ll lose weight initially, but long term you’ll gain it back twice as fast!


1. The diet is complex and inflexible
2. The diet is boring and not delicious enough
3. It’s too strict which makes it hard for people to comply with
4. And you’re can’t sustain this diet long term

So look at different diets on offer, and follow the healthy recommendations outlined above.  Here is one called Anything Goes   click and go look!

The key is you need to develop your own eating plan that fits your life and taste-buds. And also, you need to include some kind of activity level.

And when planning to change your life, start with one area to work from each month – it might be drinking more water, eating 2 more serving of fruits and vegetables daily. The following month, work on one more goal.

This way, the gradual monthly change will become an established habit, and will improve your diet to lose the stomach fat, without dictating your life.

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