FAST & FREE Weight Loss Tips – Drop 5lbs In 1 Week!

The Truth Is That Fat Loss Is Easier Than You Think. Follow These 6 Tips And Drop Up to 5 pounds In One Week!

When it comes to losing weight (specifically FAT), there are people who try over and over again… never seeing the results they want. Then there are those that know exactly how the human body works and can leverage the little tricks that will make fat loss an easy process, for LIFE!

If you are struggling with fat loss, then trust me, you’re not alone. Even if you’ve lost weight in the past and have had trouble keeping it off, YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

It’s Not Your Fault…

You have been lied to by all the hype and media telling you to purchase PRODUCTS like the newest machine or diet pill. You don’t need products, you need the right knowledge and a plan of ACTION.

Knowledge isn’t power until its applied!

Luckily for you, after failing over and over again, I finally cracked the code on what works resulting in the loss of 5 pounds of FAT… while keeping it off for GOOD! I then took everything I know and turned it into just a few simple steps that ANYONE can follow and have success with, and I am about to share them with you.

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing a body in the mirror that you are proud of. Imagine seeing the body that you’re MEANT to have. All that extra weight around your thighs, or your belly or around your arms… that’s not you!  But unfortunately, that’s what people see. Why hide yourself from the world.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to show everyone your TRUE self?

Here’s What Works… Follow These Tips & You Will Succeed!

Tip 1: Go On An Information Diet.

That’s right. Before you even begin living a healthier lifestyle, start with an information diet. Get rid of over-hyped fitness magazines and stop reading them.  Stop listening to advice from fat personal trainers, stop reading random blog posts, stop buying into every weight loss product you see on TV. Instead, stick with these simple rules and your chances of success will increase two-fold.


No matter how many times I drill and repeat this concept to people, some still do it to this very day. Just stop skipping breakfast. The reason being is because when you get up, your metabolic rate is HIGH… VERY HIGH.

Whatever you eat will be incinerated, so take advantage of this… But don’t use it as an excuse to eat crap. The ideal breakfast should be lots of fruits + some form of protein (eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, whey, milk, tofu etc.) along with a full glass of COLD water.

Tip 3: Carbs are fine, as long as they are low-glycemic.

This means that when you eat the following foods, it takes the body LONGER to metabolize them into blood glucose and therefore they don’t spike your insulin such as a doughnut or a chocolate chip cookie. Here are some examples of carbs you SHOULD be eating: vegetables, fruits, whole grains &  dried beans.

Tip 4: Nothing after 9pm.

I don’t care what you’ve done during the day, after 9 pm you don’t eat.  If you’re truly desperate, you may munch on HIGH-WATER content fruits or vegetables or drink some green-tea.  That is the only exception.  This one technique alone will help you lose 2 pounds per week. That’s about 8 pounds in a month with almost no other change at all!

Tip 5: Eat 5-6 small meals a day, NO EXCEPTIONS.

This frequency is critical to keep your metabolic rate in high-gear. If you recall, I said that in the mornings, your metabolic rate is at it’s highest, well if you don’t do anything about it, it will drop like a rock. Eating small and consistent meals every few hours is a sure-fire way of making sure that your metabolic rate is maintained at a high rate. If you want rapid weight loss – make sure 3 of your meals are snacks with only high water fruits and vegetables while the other 3 are  well balanced meals with adequate protein.

Tip 6: Follow an exercise routine developed specifically to target fat loss.

Cardio by itself is not enough and weigh training along will only get you so far. This last tip is HUGE. I used to run for miles and miles and barely saw any results. It was not until I found the perfect workout program that my body started to drop weight like never before.

To see an effective workout program that will give you GREAT fat loss for 3 weeks, check out this FREE mini-course fitness book. Not only does it have a great workout routine, but even more tips that will help you achieve fat loss success.

Free Fitness Book Mini-Course

Got 20 Or More Pounds To Lose? Then Read On…

So, what if you want HARDCORE results? If you have about 5-10lbs to lose, the above tips and workout routine will get you there. There is no point of your reading this. But if you want extreme results (20  lbs, or more), then you should definitely consider checking out the full blown version of the Flawless Fitness Book. The Mini-Course was born from the fundamentals of this super-popular book.

It covers everything from specific fat loss supplements that WORK as long as used in conjunction with the simple workout principals set forth for you to follow. Using this book, you can literally come up with HUNDREDS of different fat burning routines in under 5 minutes.

Make no mistake about it. This is meant for those that want SERIOUS results because not only does it have effective routines and plans, it provides an complete fitness education to the reader.



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