Fight Diabetes 2 with Food!

Winning the Battle with Diabetes is Easy if

you Read, Listen and Learn what you need to

do to Defeat Diabetes.


You can fight diabetes 2 with food and win.  There are some other considerations to include in your fight against Diabetes2 because the montra is diet, exercise, meal plans, menu planning, scheduled meal times and paying attention to care giver instructions.  

A diet can’t do it, 

 You have to do it. 

A diet is just an outline or a plan to guide your steps along the path to Overcoming this obstacle to your health. 

Think of it as the Battle Plan like the Military uses when it goes into battle. 

They never just get up in the morning and decide to go and fight. 

They draw up a plan,

get the needed equipment and supplies,

lay out an even more detailed plan so they know where they are going and what they mean to do.

The above applies to you. 

Get the knowledge about what you are fighting, 

find out what  you need to do to win and only then create your detailed plan and  go into battle.

Here is something to help you with the Knowledge Part.


If you need help with your Plan click anywhere on this sentence to look at an unusual program to assist you in Defeating Diabetes!

2 Responses to Fight Diabetes 2 with Food!

  1. Cararta says:

    POD poverty, obesity, diabetes an unhealthy combination if there ever was one. You can check it out here
    Do a Like please when you get there !

  2. Cararta says:

    POD Poverty, Obesity, Diabetes
    A recipe for Disaster
    already made.
    So how do we fix it?

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