Fight Diabetes2 and Win

Fight Diabetes type 2 with Diet and Exercise.

A good diet plan and daily exercise is your first line of attack.

Finding a good care giver is also important, because until there is a “cure”.   If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes,  for the time being it  is for life.

Below is a short video with some basic information about Diabetes.

I have a sister with uncontrolled Diabetes type 2,  she is now on two oral medications and insulin because she seems to have a problem realizing Diabetes really  is a disease and does  damage inside your body.

Watch the video, then if you want more information, there are  some articles, videos and pages here with good information about some of the symptoms of Diabetes.  Here is a quick link to  Diabetes The Silent Killer, you can Read It here.

Extra information is also available at  Sugar Control Diet.      Have Fun and Learn what you can do on your own to make your Life with Diabetes enjoyable instead of a continual Diet Chore!



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