How is Diabetic Baldness Caused

How is Baldness from Diabetes  Caused?

Diabetes comes from several directions and brings side effects with it. 

One way to become diabetic is the fact  there can be a genetic tendency  (inherited), another way is to be born with diabetes and a third way  to become diabetic is because of an unhealthy lifestyle. (You are Fat or Obese)…

Diabetes will cause many multiple issues across the body if left untreated.  

Diabetes has  many Symptoms.

And it is not surprising to hear of how it can cause baldness too.

In truth, this may be one of the symptoms you first experience without knowing you have diabetes.

People typically lose a specific quantity of hair daily, but only in small amounts. But those folks with a hormonal imbalance have a bigger chance of losing a lot of hair daily.

If you are having a large amount of baldness lately together with symptoms such as:

  • 1. Always very thirsty and having a dry mouth
  • 2. Tiredness
  • 3. Frequent Urination
  • 4. Visual problems all of a sudden


then, you must see your doctor and get your blood sugar tested right away.  It is easy to do, many  will check it in the office.  Depending on your readings they may or may not send a specimen out to a lab. 

If you are found to have diabetes, then your health practitioner will treat you promptly, to get you on the right care regime.

So how will the baldness connect with diabetes?

Well, first off, diabetes is all related to hormone factors since it’s a hormonal sort of illness. (lack of production of insulin or cells become insensitive to insulin, thereby reducing normal

Often many diabetics have blood circulation problems which can cause side effects like neuropathy (as an example).   This combination of side effects  can cause issues with hair growth in the first place.

When under pressure, hormones can also become unbalanced, so causing even more loss of hair.

Other reasons that diabetes frequently causes more baldness is thanks to the increase of blood sugar in the body when it isn’t controlled.

With glucose (blood sugar) at  high  levels, you have nutrients, and oxygen that cannot reach the follicles of your hair.

As this happens with long term high glucose levels, hair falls out until glucose is brought under control.

What other things can you do in order to help your hair re-growth?

The most significant thing you can do is control your blood sugar levels and work diligently every day to keep them  control.

Doctors should always aggressively treat diabetes since it is a damaging disease to the body in so many ways.

You can help by staying away from stress or stressful situations as much as possible . Living an orderly life is to your benefit.

Have your diabetes care regime all mapped out so that it is easily followed.

You need to also ensure that you understand your medications, insulin, and diet so you know what to follow.

What may help with Diabetic Baldness.

Use shampoos that help hair growth.

Vegetables and fruits as I have discussed many times before, have many vitamins that may help your hair follicles rejuvenate, and in the end, will pay off.

Diabetics can  read a free brochure about diabetes.

How is diabetes is caused!.


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