Rush Limbaugh’s Words and Sandra Fluke

 Is Rush Limbaugh still the Spokesman for the GOP?

Rush Limbaugh Announced as New Viagra Spokesman FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — NEW YORK – June 29, 2006

New Look for GOP Spokesperson Russ Limbaugh

What Goes out, Comes Back In

            GrandMa always said, "The Chickens always come home to Roost."
               Think she meant something more than Roosters and Hens.
Letters: Limbaugh apology lacking

 2 days ago – When did Rush Limbaugh become a spokesperson for the Republican party? I must have missed that one.

Rush Limbaugh Insults Women Across America

2 Responses to Rush Limbaugh’s Words and Sandra Fluke

  1. Richard says:

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  2. Cararta says:

    They never give up.
    It doesn’t bother them who they insult and demean.

    I can’t believe what is happening. Women’s rights are being eroded. It isn’t just Health Care under attack, it is all the Progress women have fought for since they were finally “allowed” to vote.

    I can remember working in an office where if I wanted to wear “trousers” I had to wear a DRESS over them.

    Wake Up Women of America, before all your rights are gone.

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